Season Pass

Visit Darien Lake Amusement Park and Splashtown Waterpark as often as you want, as long as you want!

2014 Regular Season Pass
Unlimited Visits for the 2014 Season, includes 2 FREE TICKETS**
$64.99 plus tax
2014 Season Long Parking Pass $20

**Two free tickets valid any Sunday through Thursday June, July, and August or any day in September 2014. Tickets must be redeemed in the company of the pass holder to whom they were issued. Free tickets expire 10/15/2014


Will my Season Pass be good for admission to SplashTown at Darien Lake?
Yes. All 2014 tickets, Season Passes, and accommodations stays will be valid for admission to our entire property.

Can my Season Passes be used at Six Flags Theme Parks?
No. Passes may not be used at Six Flags Theme Parks during the 2014 season.

Can my Season Passes be used at former PARC Management parks?
No. Your Darien Lake Season Pass is only valid for admission to Darien Lake Theme Park Resort.

I am divorced and want duplicate Season Passes for my children – one set for me, and one set for my ex. Can I do this?
Unfortunately, due to processing difficulties, duplicate passes cannot be produced (the system would void out the first set.) Guests are encouraged to share or purchase a second set of passes to alleviate ownership issues.

Does my entire family need to process their Season Passes at the same time?
No. Vouchers can be separated individually and processed at different times.

I lost my Season Pass. What can I do?
Replacement cards may be printed for $15/pass, which includes the cost of voiding out the old pass and reprinting a new one.

I lost my Season Pass certificate/voucher. What can I do?
Unfortunately, season pass certificates are treated like cash and are non-refundable and not replaceable. In the case of a US Postal Service issue, the park must verify the purchase, and ensure they have not been processed prior to a new voucher being issued. Unfortunately, it is impossible to do this with Season Passes purchased at Tops. All online problems should be handled through our fulfillment company at (407) 956-3549.

I don’t want my Season Pass to have a picture on it, because I want several people to use it throughout the season. Can you put “Check ID” on the card?
Due to safety concerns for our guests, we must print the cardholder’s picture on the pass. Season Passes are non-transferable, in order to alleviate potential theft issues.

I purchased my Season Passes online and have not received my vouchers yet. What should I do?
In 2014, Darien Lake will be using a third party company, Accesso Marketing, to handle online ordering. To order online, you must choose from either “print at home” or a shipping service option. All online problems should be handled through our fulfillment company at (407) 956-3549.

When can I get my Season Pass processed?
The Season Pass office opens with the park and closes two hours before the park closes. If it is closed upon your arrival to the park, please go directly to Guest Relations for assistance. If there is a need to process the pass before the 2014 season, please contact our offices at (585) 599-4641, and we will be happy to assist you.

I came to the park to process my Season Pass and the Season Pass office was closed.
If the Season Pass office is closed when you try to process your pass, please visit Guest Relations and a Guest Relations Representative will be more than happy to assist you.

What kind of ticketing discounts do I receive as a Season Passholder?
Select Season Pass admission discounts for friends, in-park discounts, and amazing offers with some of our corporate partners will be found in our new and updated 2014 Season Pass Coupon Book. You will receive this booklet on your first visit to the park, or when you process your Season Passes.

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